Rande Larsen

Senior Architect

Rande specializes in traditional and transitional design. He joined the studio in 2018 after more than 30 years at Walker & Moody Architects, where he worked on a range of styles, from custom urban homes to country estates. His work spans Northern Napa and Marin to San Francisco and Carmel Valley. Originally from Calgary, Rande found his way to architecture when a friend noted his penchant for design during freshman year at the University of Oregon. From that point on, schoolwork was uber-inspiring. Regular visits to San Francisco to admire the architecture landed him his first job, where he locked in his passion for residential work. Rande ensures homeowners’ personal satisfaction with project outcomes through close collaboration and careful attention to their needs. When not designing, Rande enjoys reading, biking and spending time with his lovely wife and two adult children.