Our Studio

We design homes that are rooted in traditional architecture, employing time-honored principles to create spaces and forms that resonate with the past, yet are tailored to modern living.

Our portfolio spans San Francisco, Marin, Wine Country, the South Bay, and Hawaii. Our light-filled office in San Francisco’s Lower Haight neighborhood occupies a former Bank of America branch from the 1920s that we renovated in 2019, restoring many historic details during its transformation.

Our Expertise

Our mastery is bringing traditional architecture into the 21st century, creating timeless homes with insightful custom features that suit contemporary living. Our high standard for thoroughly detailed drawings to ensure proper construction has earned us a stellar reputation among top builders and repeat clients. Beyond design, our expertise with local planning and building departments enables deft navigation of the complex approval process.

Our ethos:
  • Timeless design supersedes trend
  • Time-honored architectural principles drive beauty and comfort
  • Project team collaboration is essential
  • Focusing on client interests is the key to project success

What Inspires Us

We’re passionate about proportion, scale, balance, natural light and shadow, beautiful spaces, thoughtful detailing, and enduring finishes. We draw inspiration from our deep love of history, travel, artisanship, natural materials, and our visually profound Bay Area.

Our process often pulls in historic neighborhood patterns of regional architecture to establish a project’s vision and aesthetic, digging deep into local history, as well as our vast reference library of period and regional architecture.

Our Team

We prize our gem of a region and its vivid past. Each of us has chosen it as the palette for our life’s work and strives to preserve its architectural history while adapting it to today’s living. We’ve made it our mission to help write the next chapter in the story of Bay Area residential architecture.
David Armour
Founder, Principal
David co-founded the firm in 2008 and has deliberately kept it intimate, fostering a savvy team of architectural professionals with a common ethos and working with clients who share his vision. In 2019, he restored a neglected 1920s retail space in the city's dynamic Lower Haight District into the firm’s inspiring, light-filled studio.
David Armour

Talent Thrives Here

Each member of Armour Architecture has the potential to collaborate on remarkable projects with our talented staff, all in our renovated 1920s studio in San Francisco’s Lower Haight. We’re a close-knit team that follows classical design principles and challenges ourselves to think beyond beauty and grace to create designs that truly support our clients’ lives.

Our portfolio spans San Francisco, Marin, Wine Country, the South Bay and Hawaii, including a number of historically significant homes. Our penchant for thoroughness and quality has made us a highly sought collaborator of top builders, interior designers and repeat clients. We love what we do and have a shared sense of pride in the homes we create.

We're currently interviewing top talent for the following roles: